EXCL Behind-the-scenes footage with Will, Thomas, Kaya and Dylan

The Maze Runner Cast Photoshoot [X]
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The Maze Runner
John Paesano · The Maze Runner (OST)
1948 Plays
“We are about nine weeks out from shooting. We are in New Mexico right now. We’ve got a crew and stages. We are rapidly approaching our shoot time. The sets are being built. A lot of the same crew is coming back. Most of the cast is coming back, except for the ones who were killed [in the first film]. The script is really coming along.”
- Wes Ball on shooting The Scorch Trials x (via wickedisgood)
“We have a lot more resources, a bit more freedom. We’ll continue to tell the story and pick up where the last one left off. What’s really fun about it is that we keep exploring these characters that you fall in love with in the first one. We just go into them in a deeper way. We get to be a little bit more mature and sophisticated in the movie itself. It’s also bigger in terms of scope and scale. But it’s also a much deeper film. So we are all really excited, pushing forward. The movie will be out in about a year.”
- Wes Ball talking about The Scorch Trials x (via themazerunnerpt)