There was another Maze Runner advance screening today. These are some reactions I found on Twitter. 


Will Poulter and Dylan O’Brien when asked about running for the movie


Dylan O’Brien, Will Poulter, Wes Ball, and James Dashner at WonderCon 2014

“Newt having a limp in the first book was such a small detail but it was so important just to his background… In the movie, the fact that they gave him a limp was just such a good example of let’s stay true to this story. But, I knew from the very beginning that was his fate. I knew that he wasn’t immune like the others. The fact that it has emotionally affected so many readers means I did my job I guess.”
- James Dashner talking about Newt (x)


"Thomas backed into the corner once again, folded his arms and shivered, and the fear returned. He felt a worrying shudder in his chest, as if his heart wanted to escape, to flee his body.
'Someone… help… me!' he screamed; each word ripped his throat raw.”